15 Postcards?

Posted by Loren on Jul 13, 2009

Today wasn’t all that eventful.

I’m getting closer to the other three ryuugakuse [exchange students], and we’ve been spending more time together. Today we ate lunch with an AFS alumnus named Lisa, whom went to Sacred Heart and was back to research Ainu [or so was her excuse ;D].

We also had to “teach” Sister Hatanaka’s English class, which really consisted of us ryuugakuse getting a group of shy girls and trying to coach conversations out of them. :/ It didn’t work so well.

The only thing really different about today [other than what I just talked about] was me writing 15 postcards.

My hand hurts, haha …

We’ll be sending them out soon, maybe tomorrow? It took me long enough. xD;

Anyway, exhausted, I’m going to bed.

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