San Jose Culture Clash?

Posted by Loren on Jun 7, 2009

I’m in San Jose on orientation, now. Today’s been long … Got up, went to the airport, waited, found out there was a delay, waited more, eventually got on the flight. Waited more. Flew. Waited. Was herded around by some YFU staff members. Waited more. Took a long bus ride. Waited. Was orientated some. Ate. Etc, etc.

There was a lot of waiting.

But damn, am I excited about all of this!
I hope orientation is fun.

kiro kumi leaders

These are our group’s leaders.

I already made some friends … It’s crazy how much culture shock there is just with all these different kids from different states. I mean, we’re all from the same country, and we all speak the same language, but people do things differently and say things differently in other states.

Like, we were asking what people think of our states, and finding out about different stereotypes. It’s all really fun, I love comparing cultures!

Okay. Exhausted. I think I’ll go to bed or something.

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