Cultural Discussions = Win. ♥

Posted by Loren on Jul 15, 2009

Spent pretty much all of today in the library, haha. Too much English, though. :c

I should try to speak more in Japanese! That’s why I’m here!

Nothing really happened of interest, except me and the other ryuugakuse were invited to do a tea ceremony class [which pretty much just consisted of us and the teacher]. Tea ceremonies are a very old, traditional, ceremony that upper class would generally hold for guests/visitors. There’s all this etiquette, and you spend the whole time sitting on your knees. But it’s fun, and the tea is yummy. c:

I also got to use Mr. Bouchard’s super nice camera. <3 And had to have it taken away from me because I was getting distracted from the actual ceremony, hahaha …

When I got home, I met my host-siblings private teacher, who’s very quiet and nice. He seems interesting. I also met my host-otousan’s English teacher, Kurt, who’s from Nova Scotia. I think he’s lived here 18 years? He’s super nice, though. We ended up talking the whole lesson [a couple hours, maybe?] about culture and such. It was really fun.

I love talking about cultural differences. c:

Tomorrow’s the beginning of Sophia Festival, so I’m excited. I think it’s going to be really fun. c: <3

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