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Posted by Loren on Jun 14, 2009

Wow, today was crazy and pretty amazing. I don’t know how I can explain this all in one thing; it feels like it’s been a week, not a day. First things first, I managed to clear up the whole family confusion. I’m staying with this family [The Ueno family] until next Sunday, which is when I’ll be meeting the Kondos. The Ueno okaasan is a YFU representative, I believe.

Okay, now for everything I did today!

  • Woke up, got up my nerve, and went downstairs to meet one of okaasan’s ex-host daughters [from New Zealand] who was there visiting. Her name is Jennifer.
  • Had apple tea and Japanese donuts with okaasan and Jennifer; listened to them talk in Japanese. [I can hardly understand.]
  • Took a shower
  • Went on a walk with okaasan and Miru-chan [below]. The weather is nice, chilly, a little sprinkly.
  • Went to the “supaa;” super market, with Jennifer and okaasan and bought delicious foods ~ !
  • Had lunch. [udon, egg, chicken.]
  • Made sushi with okaasan! It was absolutely delicious.
  • Went to a game store [There were manga, video games, anime, cds, and other things] with okaasan and my host-brother. [MANGA WERE ONLY 150 YEN TO 300 YEN. That’s a dollar fifty to three dollars! <3]
  • Stopped by a pastry place.
  • Went back and okaasan dressed me up in a yukata, or a summer kimono.
  • People started showing up at the house – JET friends of Jennifer’s [A girl from Russia, a girl from Thailand and one from Malaysia. Later, Jennifer’s New Zealand JET friend showed up.]
  • Okaasan dressed the first three in yukatas, then we all went out to the festival.
  • We all walked around, taking pictures and such. Amusingly, some people came up to us and asked where we were from. Totally drunk, haha – one guy spilt his Sapporo beer all over himself. Later when we were walking down the street, someone yelled “Hey California!” at me, haha.
  • When we got back, there were even MORE people, and otousan [dad] was making dinner.
  • We ate a little, then eventually changed out of the yukatas and ate more. [they were tight, anyway haha]
  • THE FOOD WAS WONDERFUL ~ ! We ate roasted chicken, tempura, the sushi I made earlier, melon, watermelon, and we drank CC Lemon [a lemony soda, so good], water, and ocha [tea.]
  • The conversation was this wonderful mix of English, Engrish, and Japanese, and was all very interesting. Maybe someday I’ll see them all again.

It’s so great eating good Japanese food everyday. It kinda sucks I’m not spending the whole time with my real host family, though, but I love the Ueno’s.

They’re great.

I wonder what I’ll be doing the rest of the week? Nnghhh. I’m so tired.

I hope Shugi’s [my host brother’s] friends leave soon so it’ll be quiet and I can get some sleep.

See you later!

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