Worst Day. Ever.

Posted by Loren on Jul 22, 2009

To be honest, this day has sucked pretty horribly.

I woke up feeling relatively crappy, and got to school, where Furuya [international] Sensei told me I had to say goodbye to all the teachers, so I ran upstairs, and crying, said “Arigatou Gozaimasu!” [Thank you so much!] and bowed. And everyone was like “… [is that it?]” and I laughed, crying, and left the room. I think they clapped. I can’t remember. I just didn’t know what to say.

Anyway, it was … well, interesting? Depressing.

After, I went up to my classroom, and Hikari hugged me/patted me on the back, and when I visited her, Irina said to go away because I was making her sad. :c I’m such a huge crybaby …

Anyway, after, we went to the library, then 2nd I had Ichigawa [English. Last time, YES. She gets on my nerves.], 3rd we had a little farewell party with Sister Hatanaka [in N.12, where the vending machines are and where we had Juusu Desuyo], and she gave us traditional dried snacks, bought us drinks, and gave us pens that say “God is Love” [awkwaaard, only Irina is religious. And I don’t think she’s even THAT religious]. She also gave us a bilingual [Japanese/English] New Testament Bible. Which was laugh inducing, but we held it in because that would obviously be verrrry rude. Haha.

Right before we were going to talk to one of the Sisters, like we did a few weeks back, the librarian pulled us out and into the stairway and said to look at the sun because it was an ECLIPSE. Which was cool, until the clouds blocked our view and the sister said we had to go talk to her. It could’ve been cool if we could’ve talked about her life [she’s rather old, and she seems open-minded and interesting enough], but we spent the whole time talking about Japan and Ainu. [I love history, but that’s too boring textbook-y.]

After was lunch, and Ellen and I ran down to get pan [bread. There’s a lady that comes to sell it, and it’s yummy ~ but runs out fast. :c], but the only thing left I might like was a chococream-filled pan, which I bought, along with a Mets <3 [another Japanese drink. Grapefruit flavoured?]


After lunch they made us go to the remainder of our classes, which was pretty boring [World History & Biology? I only like history when I can understand it, haha.], then it was over and Hannah/Kanari stalled me while my class [dearest K2-2 ♥♥♥] wrote all over the board in chalk … they’re so sweet.


So much nicer than most Americans. D:

Anyway, they did that and I was crying and I had to make up a quick speech, then we took a lot of pictures and there were a lot of hugs, and I got a heart thing with notes from all of them on it.

I had to go to the Principal’s then, and she gave me a “Certificate of Participation,” and I got a picture album from my time here. Apparently it’s not all that common for someone in my position [short stay] to get a certificate, but I suppose I did well! <3

Seems like I did not so much, if you count library time. BUT, I did volunteer and help teach English both in and out of school. [Just a reminder; there’s more to life than academics. It’s getting involved that counts.]

After, with much effort and frustration, us Library Exchange Students [and Ellen’s host sister] were on a bus to Maruyama Station.
Ellen and Sarah got ice creams, and then we got to Maruyama Class and I hugged Ellen goodbye … then Sarah, Irina and I spent some time in the hyakeen [100 yen] store. Which sucked because I didn’t have money … BUT Iri bought me arm warmers as a farewell <3 ! I’ll miss her. :c She’s been my best friend here.

So, then I said goodbye, and Sarah and I waited, then she left on her bus, and I got on the next one [Miyanomori #14!], when Nomura’s kid’s sensei was there [as okaasan had fortold].

When we got to our stop, my “withyou-card” was 20 yen [about 20¢] short, and while I was scrambling for change and saying “gomennesai!!” [I’m so sorry!], my host-sibling’s private teacher took care of it for me. I told okaasan to give him my change next week when he comes [I made a little package that says “arigatou” on it].

I spent all today after returning home packing, stressing, eating, playing some with Taiga and Kana, then visiting with Mayu’s best friend and his mom [I think she’s Mai’s mother, too? Small world.]


My attempt at packing, ahahaha …

I feel sick and I’m really, really tired. :c I can’t wait for all this to be over, as there’s nothing left but goodbyes and being sad.

Only other thing was a mixup with the uniform … apparently I CAN’T take it. Oh well … the cuteness shall be saved in the many pictures I’ve taken. :c

Oh. And okaasan bought me cake.

Did I tell you I made Taiga/Tiger a Pikachu drawing yesterday? He was so happy. <3

And Aiya cried when I hugged her goodbye. :c Aghhh! Sabishii. [I’m sad.]


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