Posted by Loren on Jun 16, 2009

Okay, I’m totally exhausted, so I’ll just write a list for today:

  • Woke up, ate breakfast [peppers, cheese and ham on toast] then showered.
  • Went on a walk [it’s me and my okaasan’s daily thing now] with Miru ~ !
  • Left the house on foot, and okaasan and I spent hours walking around Otaru. We went to tons of different places, but the most important ones were the Glass Shops; Otaru is known for these


This is Otaru; also known for its canal, but only some of it’s preserved. You can see it behind me.


We ate at a place all lit up by these; it was gorgeous.

  • Dead tired, we got home and okaasan went to work and I ended up napping.
  • When she came home, we ate Japanese McDonalds [really, only just smaller in portion … well, and they say it like “Makudonarudo”] and then caught a train to Sapporo for a yoga class.
  • Yoga was really interesting, but so HARD. It was this, like, spiritual, deep stuff, and repetitive, and a super workout.
  • We came back, then ate leftover miso and store-bought onigiri.


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