Opening Ceremonies, Baby ♥

Posted by Loren on Jul 17, 2009

Today was the first day of the festival!

Almost the entire day was spent in the gym watching various performances:

  • first was the opening ceremony, which had music, a very dark room, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, dance performance, then cheering for each of our homerooms, then commercials for the shops/etc., then the principal said something [everyone groaned, haha], but then things got awesome again. Below – dance performance.
  • there was a pageant, only it was girls dressed up as guys instead ♥♥
  • a game show – not so fun because I couldn’t understand
  • traditional Japanese intstruments, an incredible choir that sang music from MIYAZAKI MOVIES. <3, and after lunch there was orchestra and … the DRAMA CLUB. The play they did was good, but it was a little boring for me due again to the lack of understanding. [Mariko, Komori, and Sakura were the actresses] … below is the orchestra, and yes, that’s the director dressed up as Mario.
  • At 2 p.m., Irina, Sarah, Ellen and I went to Parlor 2 to do ikebana [flower arrangement], which was fun. Of course, when we finished, the sensei completely rearranged them because we didn’t know the rules, haha. But they were still pretty! They’ll be displayed tomorrow at the festival. c: Which is cool. <3 [Below – us ryuugakuse trying to put them together, and the display]
  • Went home after helping at the Haunted Mansion and and the Juice Bar

I reclaimed my art books today! I just hope no one looked through the art, though … That’d suck.

Okay, I’m like, super tired.

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