Subways By Myself.

Posted by Loren on Jul 20, 2009

Today was a LOT more eventful than yesterday, that’s for sure.

Let’s start …

I woke up [or was woken up by okaasan] at 10 a.m., got ready, ate breakfast, then okaasan took me to Maruyama Station by car, where Kana bought the subway ticket for me. Then I went down and caught the subway to Odori, which was only 3 stops away, then transferred easily to the Namboko [green] line for one stop to get to Sapporo Eki. [otousan explained this all to me last night]. There, after a little walking around and figuring out that I was on the wrong floor, I took the elevator and met Irina in front of Starbucks. Then we took escalators up the 7th floor where we waited in a long line to get tickets for Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince, managed to get them for 2:50 p.m. in ENGLISH <3, then went to get food. After some looking around, we ended up on the Basement level in another section, going to a Mexican restaurant ~ ! Irina was so sad/surprised that they didn’t speak Spanish, haha. I teased her about that<3

Anyway, she had enchiladas, and I had two tacos.

Afterward, we went to another building; a huge [mainly] electronics department store to take purikura [which was on the 6th or 7th floor! I mean, this huuuuge building is just STORES.] On the way back down, we stopped at this little store and I spent $20 dollars on socks/stockings/pins .. I have no will power when it comes to cute things! ARGH.

Then … then we went all the way back to watch Harry Potter, which was wonderful [but totally different from the book. :c]

After THAT, we went back to the store where I bought the socks, and we got matching bracelets C: <3 ~ !

I’m broke, but happy.

I liked riding the subways alone, even if it was a little scary. I got back without any harm, other than waiting in the cold for otousan to pick me up at Lawson’s, haha. Okaasan gave me a phone card to use, and that worked out well [I used a payphone].

ALL IS WELL ~ ! <3

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