New City, New Family.

Posted by Loren on Jun 21, 2009

Okay, first day with the Kondo family. Not sure how I feel about them yet, but I guess we’ll see how things go.

Anyway …

Yoko rode the train with me to Sapporo, and we both ended up crying. [I’m even tearing up NOW. I’m a huge crybaby …] … I regret not calling her okaasan while I was there, because I didn’t know the whole plan for my six weeks with my families. The Ueno family’s house really did feel like home. I dunno about the Kondo’s yet … it’s huge, and completely western-styled, like big East Coast white-pillars, Colonial style, and everything is in shades of wites and beige.

P6270373 GGGG

Here’s a picture of Sapporo taken from near the house.

Earlier today, when Kondo okaasan and I were taking a short drive to see where my school’s at, her 8-year-old son [Yuuma] broke his violin. This resulted in … a lot of yelling, and confusion on my part. It was really scary for me, and I think it’s a bad way to start off. I guess I’ll just have to go with it from now on, I don’t think this is a normal occurrence, haha. I hope it’s not like this the whole time, though … I mean, I JUST met them! [well, I haven’t met the dad yet; he’s a doctor]

BUT WHATEVER, it doesn’t matter because starting tomorrow I’ll be a JAPANESE SCHOOL GIRL. [… neerrrd.]

P.S. I wish Mrs. Kondo would stop talking in English.

P.P.S. I miss the Ueno family.

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