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Posted by Loren on Jul 9, 2009

Shiawase.” Happiness. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my current situation.

I feel really at home with this family. The only thing I’m currently stressing over is the fact that I only have 2 weeks left. It’s horrible. :c

I cried when Takuma-otousan left this morning, and again when I finally said goodbye to Naoko. It was like heartbreak to say goodbye to Takuma, though, I swear.

He was telling me to stay healthy, and to visit, and to do things in life that make me happy.

He’s so awesome; I’m definitely keeping in touch.

Anyway, when I got home today, I rushed to finish packing, and then Naoko took me tot the Nomura house. Mrs. Nomura and Taiga, her 8-year-old son, met us and welcomed us. I ended up crying [figuuuures. Crybaby.], and Kondo-san hugged me, and I went inside with my bags.

My room is a very traditional tatami room [the rooms with the mats], with a futon and a piano.


The futon all made up. So comfy!

My new okaasan showed me the bottom floor [the upstairs is just their rooms], and she had me put my stuff away. My stomach growled, so I laughed and said: “onaka peko peko!” My stomachs growling! And she laughed, and made onigiri [rice balls] and pasta. I adore all of my family so far – her, Taiga [which is pretty much the Japanese-sounding version of “Tiger.” If you say “Taiga” aloud, it sounds like Tiger, only with a Japanese accent], and her oldest daughter Mayu. They’re all very nice to me.

Anyway, I have my own [JAPANESE-STYLE] bath, and she said I can use it twice a day even, if I want haha. [Don’t worry, I’ll only use it once a day!]

I really haven’t been able to settle down until now, as I’ve always had to be moving/didn’t feel comfortable/some sort of mental block – not being able to accept that I’d be there for x amount of time. But this is my last house and I’m comfortable. She made everything right and ready for me. She ASKED me to call her okaasan, and she told me what to do, and that if I need anything, she’s here. I absolutely adore her.

She’s just what I wanted as a host-mom.

After we ate the spaghetti, Taiga and okaasan and I went on a walk to see how far and how to get to Seishin [my school]. It’s a rather short walk, and it’s pretty – it has a nice view of the Sapporo skyline as well.

I took a bath when we got home, then studied Kanji while imouto did homework. It was nice. c:

Okay, I’m really tired; I’m going to bed. I think I’ll write more tomorrow.


Me with Taiga and Kana ♥

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