Jets and Rain.

Posted by Loren on Jun 30, 2009

Hello! Today was pretty interesting.

Let’s see … when we were in the library, Mr. Bouchard came in, and we talked about our futures. He told us about HIS experience as a JET, which apparently wasn’t all that great.  He said it’s a good idea; just not as a long-term profession.

Hmm, after that, I had to go to Religion class, which we spent in the computer lab making “newspapers” about particular subjects [I made mine about Casa Romantica].

After lunch, we went to Miyanomori Elementary School to teach 5th graders English. It was fun, but tiring, and I didn’t play a big role in teaching the class.

We did two classes, with something like 50 students each, and maybe only a 3-minute break in between. But … it was definitely fun.

We got back, did Homeroom, then Irina and I headed home.

It looked like it might rain, but it only sprinkled a little.

I need to buy an umbrella tomorrow ~ !

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