About TM7

Hello! My name’s Loren.

As you may be curious, TM7, or “Tomorrow Minus 7,” is referencing the fact that the time difference between Pacific Standard Time and Japan Standard Time is 7 hours.

On another note … why Japan?

Well! I made this blog in order to offer my experiences with YFU’s Summer Japan Exchange Program, to which I applied [and subsequently was accepted].

The program is 6 weeks long, during which you attend an orientation in the US, then take a glorious 9-hour-flight to Tokyo. After some time there, you’re sent to stay with your assigned host family [or multiple host families, as it was in my case], whether by plane or train or automobile.

I’m just opening this up to people either interested in the program, Japan, or just exchange experiences in general.

If you’re interested, click here to start reading.

BTW, I’ve sprinkled japanese text throughout this blog. If you see something that looks like one of these:
It means that you don’t have Japanese fonts installed on your computer. If you did, it would look like this:

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