Ski Jump & Ponyo!

Posted by Loren on Jul 4, 2009

Today was very fun. c:

When I decided to get up, I ate a super-fast breakfast, got dressed in normal clothes, then went with Takuma, Naoko, Yuika, and Ku-chan [their shiba-inu puppy, 3 months] up the mountain to the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium. We had to take a super long escalator up the hill, and it was misting out, but the escalator was covered. Takuma [otousan] was carrying Ku-chan on his back in a pet-carrier, and it was rather amusing to watch.


When we got up there, we took pictures, and Takuma pointed out that this ski jump had been used in the Olympics, back in the 1960s? 70s? [I’m not sure.]

Afterwards, we went to Maruyama Class to “Doggie Do!!” and bought Ku-chan an extremely overpriced collar/leash set.


Then we went home, and after practicing walking Ku-chan around the house a little [with a lot of painful finger biting and not much real progress], I had some coffee with otousan while okaasan and my Yuika were at her ice-skating practice. Previous to getting home, we also ate at the same Chinese restaurant as when I first got to this family.


I was close to crying when I realized I’ll be changing families again this coming week.

This is my last weekend with them … Takuma demanded I get into Smith College, haha, so I can visit them from where they live in Boston.

Later, we went to one of their friend’s houses, and ate fondue.


Eating dinner at their friend’s house! Yummy.


T-Their dog … I thought it was a stuffed animal, then it moved. THAT THING IS BOTH CREEPY AND ADORABLE AT THE SAME TIME, HAHA. ♥

Otousan and I also walked over to a video store and bought Ponyo, which we watched. It was super adorable, though I’d say Miyazaki’s other works are better. I watched it without English subtitles, but I understood at least half of it [which is better than when I try to converse with people in Japanese, haha. I know my Japanese LISTENING has definitely gotten better since I came here].

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