Circle Mountain Class?

Posted by Loren on Jul 1, 2009

I wish it would rain again. Especially during the day. And especially because now I have a very compact, very adorable yellow umbrella.

School today wasn’t anything special, really, but AFTER school, Irina and I went to Maruyama Class [a mall inside of Maruyama Station. Maruyama means Circle Mountain, if I haven’t told you.] to go shopping.

I spent waaay too much money, and we were both sad that there weren’t more shops, but it was still fun.


Iri and I messing around in one of the shops, haha. ♥

We ate KFC for dinner, haha. The portion sizes were a lot smaller than they are in America [and Costa Rica, according to Iri], and more expensive. When I asked for ketchup, the lady working there said: “One or two?” … It caught me off guard; in America, they give you a whole handful so you’ll shut up, haha.

Anyway, we went home, and I spent time studying Kanji.

I also checked my email … I got an email from Brenda [my step mom] today, just talking about the house and what she and my dad are doing, but as it is, I believe, the first time I’ve had contact, or at least serious contact with her since I departed, I was smiling, but at the same time I started crying.

The strange thing is that I didn’t feel homesick. I just felt … I dunno, I guess I just miss talking to her and my dad.

But I’m okay now. C:

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