Aprons & Television.

Posted by Loren on Jul 10, 2009

Woke up this morning; exhausted. At breakfast there was a lot of food, but mostly leftovers. I wasn’t hungry and okaasan was trying to explain to me that there are kidnappers and fast cars on the way to school, but she doesn’t know English and my Japanese isn’t that good, haha … But it’s okay, I made it through, and walked to school [without being kidnapped OR run over!].

Finished my posters for the festival in the library with Irina.

I just met my 2nd host sister, and she seems nice.

I showed them my posters, and okaasan’s letting me borrow one of her aprons [white, maid-style] for helping out at the juice bar in the festival.

Anyway, I’m watching TV with my host-siblings.

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