YFU Summer Activities!

Posted by Loren on Jul 12, 2009

Yesterday was pretty uneventful – just ran errands with okaasan, and ate SHUYU [soy sauce] RAMEN and GYOZA [potstickers] ~ ! <3 So yummy.

Today I woke up at 8:30 a.m., and Kana, Taiga, and okaasan and I went to the YFU Summer Activities. It was way more than fun ~ !  I loved it.

I got to see almost everyone from before – my first host mom, the Watanabe family, Yuri-chan, and all of the host students from Hokkaido, I believe.


The Watanabe family!


They were all nice, and it was really really fun. We hiked up Maruyama [Circle Mountain]


from the top of Maruyama

then went down and had fresh mochi [rice dough?],


Me with my first host mom ♥

Then went to a community center and ate obentous [lunch boxes], and played games.


Everyone at the community center.

After all of that, some of us went to Starbucks, and one of the YFU Alumni bought us drinks.


At Starbucks. ♥

After some mixup, we managed to get to the place where my okaasan was picking me up [Tutu, said “ChuChu” haha.], and I had to say goodbye to Yuri-chan and friends. I’m pretty sick of saying goodbyes … but at least I have all these awesome friends, now!

Later, the whole family [Nomura] and I went out to Book-Off, a book store where everything is like, under 3 dollars. <3 I bought 16 manga, and spent only 22 dollars for them! My host family thinks I’m this crazy otaku [anime geek] now, haha.

After, we went to Jasco and ate OKONOMIYAKIIIII ~ ! <3 It was delicious, and we’re planning on going to Jasco to shop before I leave.


Cooking the okonomiyaki. ♥


Me, Kana, and Mayu

We’re also planning on watching the new Harry Potter next week ~ !

I’m totally happy here; I really don’t want to leave.

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