Hyaku En and Shabu Shabu ♥

Posted by Loren on Jun 18, 2009

Today was pretty amazing. ♥♥

Writing a list again because I’m tired, haha.

  • Ate breakfast [pan, or bread]
  • Went on a Miru walk with okaasan [below is a picture of the area]
  • Read while okaasan was at work, until Watanabe-san picked me up
  • Walked to her house, then when her daughter Shion got home, we took a taxi to the station and went to the 百円 [Hyaku En – 100 Yen] store, or the Japanese version of a dollar store. BUT SO MUCH MORE AWESOME.
  • I spent almost 40 dollars there. <3 So. Amazing. I got a lot of souvenirs and gifts, along with cute leggings and stuff.
  • Got some clothes for super-cheap at this nearby store [I got this jacket for 3 dollars!]
  • Got a taxi back home.
  • Okaasan and I ate koroke, which consists of potato and often bits of vegetables inside all mashed up together. It’s deep fried in breaded patty things. After, we left for Alice’s salon.
  • I got an awesome haircut ~ ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ALICE. ♥♥♥
  • We ate Shabu Shabu! Shabu Shabu is thinly sliced meat and vegetables that you cook using chopsticks in a simmering pot of boiling water. It’s usually served with dipping sauces. And it’s delicious. I advise you find somewhere to have it ~ ! It’s more common than okonomiyaki, so you’re more likely to find it in the U.S.
  • “Shabu Shabu” is literally the Japanese onomatopoeia [they have thousands] for the sound of dipping the meat or veggies into the boiling water. It was hilarious because the whole time we were eating, whenever my otousan would cook, he’d go “shabushabu. shabushabu.” with this stupid grin on his face. It was adorable. I think it drove my host brother insane, though, haha.


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