And We’re Back …

Posted by Loren on Jul 23, 2009


All of this has been pretty hard to process… like the whole not being in Japan.

Again, speaking Japanese has become sacred. I miss it so much, already.

I guess I’ll cover the flights and stuff now …

I got off at Haneda in Tokyo, and after getting my bags and talking with Josh and A.J., I was waiting and Jess was there! It was amazing, and we talked forever.

Lugging my stuff around was a huge pain, and being sick/having not eaten made me feel like crap. So yeah, the flight to Tokyo sucked, but I was happy to see Jess and Mabs, so that helped. After the bus ride to Narita and meeting with Mabs and waiting, and snacking some, we finally left. We all had different seats, but after being in the air for a while, we managed to get the three of us together. We spent pretty much he whole time talking. After 9 hours, we got to San Fran Airport, and we spent time around there waiting for flights and such.

This experience has been so life changing. Nothing’s ever going to be the same for me, ever again … but that’s the best thing.

Even though I’m happy to be home so I can rest, I can’t wait to go back, and I know I’ll always have four families [including the Watanabe family <3] and countless friends to visit when I can return.

If you’re even considering doing an exchange trip, or going to another country, I say do everything in your ability to make it happen. It’s something that really makes you grow as a person, something that can’t live up to all the money in the world.

Something I’ll never forget, and that I’m sure I’ll do again later in my life.
Traveling will always be a part of me, and so will Japan.

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