Land of the Rising Sun. [kawaii desu?]

Posted by Loren on Jun 13, 2009

It’s been relatively crazy lately, hence the lack of updates, but I’ve been in the Land of the Rising Sun for three days now, and it still doesn’t feel like I’m here. Maybe when I get to my host family and go to school, and all of that stuff, maybe I’ll feel like I’m in Japan. It’s really a pretty hard feeling to grasp, you know?

Anyway, I’ve had enough of these Americans. I can’t wait to get away from them; I want to speak Japanese! I speak almost no Japanese when I’m with them, and whenever I try, we always end up stopping pretty soon [largely due to lack of knowledge].

So. Like. Yeah, it kinda sucks.


It’s pretty insane. Like, YFU-Japan put us in this crazy nice hotel [Keio Plaza Hotel], which happens to be like, what, the second tallest building in TOKYO?

P6110040 HHHH

Yeah. That’s the view from our room. Nice, right?

But anyway. So far, they’ve taken really good care of us; they’ve took us to Meiji Shrine, which was absolutely gorgeous, and peaceful, and green, and wonderful, and they took us to HARAJUKU, Tokyo’s fashion district! Which was awesome, but we were all dressed up for this meeting we had with people from the Foreign Service, which was also very interesting, but not quite as crazy cool. Anyway, we got glared at in Harajuku, but there were all these adorable fashion-crazy Japanese girls, and all of the shops were blasting music [unfortunately, half of them were blasting Lady Gaga], and it was just crazy.


Meiji Shrine, and the “Ema” cards there – for those, you buy one and write down your wish.

I love Tokyo, just because of the noise and the action and everything, but I’m not so sure I could live there.

Not like I got a big taste of it. We spent a lot of time in the hotel. But hey, it was still fun.

OH. Because of the 9-hour plane flight and the fact that we were on the 23rd floor, and therefore were constantly zooming up and down in these super-fast elevators, I got super dizzy and was really dehydrated. So. If you happen to do something like this, I advise you drink a lot of water. For sure.

On another note, it’s bloody HOT in Tokyo. I miss SoCal summers. :c

I’m rooming with two other girls; Jess and Tana. I ended up spending a lot of my time with Jess and Mabs being idiots together and watching Japanese TV. I’ve had fun with the whole orientation ~ … I guess I just want to get to Sapporo, though.

P.S. Wow, that was a long entry. D:

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